Magnetic Constant

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magnetic constant

[mag′ned·ik ′kän·stənt]
The absolute permeability of empty space, equal to 1 electromagnetic unit in the centimeter-gram-second system, and to 4π × 10-7 henry per meter or, numerically, to 1.25664 × 10-6 henry per meter in the International System of units. Symbolized μ0.
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Magnetic Constant


a proportionality constant μ0 which occurs in a number of formulas involving magnetism when they are written in rationalized form (in the International System of Units). Thus, the induction B and intensity H of a magnetic field are related in a vacuum by the formula B = μoH, where μ0 = 4π ×10-7 henry sperm (H/m) ≈ 1.26 ×10-6 H/m.

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In this case, the electrical and magnetic constants ([[epsilon].sub.0] and [[mu].sub.0]) are expressed as follows:
--magnetic constant [[mu].sup.0], which in SI units is 4[pi] x [10.sup.-7] Henry/metre, is replaced by a new magnetic constant [[mu].sub.o] = 1/[[epsilon].sub.0][c.sup.2] = 0.0344 [[N.sup.-1]].
where k = [bar.1,3] is the cable number; [[??].sub.k] is the complex current amplitude in the core of the k-th cable; [[??].sub.x], [[??].sub.y] are the orts of the Cartesian coordinate system; ([x.sub.k], [y.sub.k]) are the axes coordinates of the k-th cable; [[mu].sub.0] = 4[pi] x [10.sup.-7] H/m is the magnetic constant.
Thus, the quantity inverse to the magnetic constant, is the centrifugal force which appears due to the rotation of the vortical tube's element whose mass is [m.sub.e], with the velocity of light c around the radius [r.sub.e].
where [[??].sub.z] is the complex amplitude of the component of the vector potential of the electromagnetic field along the Z axis directed parallel to the cable line; j is the imaginary unit; [[mu].sub.0] = 4[pi] x [10.sup.-7] H/m is the magnetic constant; [omega] = 2[pi] x 50 [s.sup.-1] is the cyclic current frequency; [sigma] is the conductivity of the medium for which the equation is written ([[sigma].sub.Al] = 3.8 x [10.sup.7] S/m, [[sigma].sub.Cu] = 5.0 x [10.sup.7] S/m, [[sigma].sub.air] = 0 S/m).