magnetic core

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magnetic core:

see computercomputer,
device capable of performing a series of arithmetic or logical operations. A computer is distinguished from a calculating machine, such as an electronic calculator, by being able to store a computer program (so that it can repeat its operations and make logical
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magnetic core

[mag′ned·ik ′kȯr]
Also known as core.
A configuration of magnetic material, usually a mixture of iron oxide or ferrite particles mixed with a binding agent and formed into a tiny doughnutlike shape, that is placed in a spatial relationship to current-carrying conductors, and is used to maintain a magnetic polarization for the purpose of storing data, or for its nonlinear properties as a logic element. Also known as memory core.
A quantity of ferrous material placed in a coil or transformer to provide a better path than air for magnetic flux, thereby increasing the inductance of the coil and increasing the coupling between the windings of a transformer.


core, 6
1. The center of a plywood or crossbanded construction; it may consist of lumber (solid or glued) or particleboard; serves as a base for veneer.
2. The internal structure in a hollow-core door.
3. The wood chips cut from a mortise.
4. The metal bar to which a handrail is attached.
5. The internal structure which serves as a base for complex plasterwork.
6. The molded open space in a concrete masonry unit.
7. The filling within a thick hollow stone wall.
8. The filling between a lintel and relieving arches.
9. A cylindrical sample of hardened concrete or rock obtained by means of a core barrel and drill.
10. A part of a multistory building, containing a variety of service and utility functions, as elevators, stairwells, etc.
11. That part of a magnetic circuit (usually steel or iron laminations) about which are wound coils in electromagnetic devices such as transformers, solenoids, relays, etc.; a magnetic core.
12. (Brit.) The conductor of a cable with its insulation, but not including any outer protective covering.
13. That portion of a grille, 2 contained within the frame.
14. Of gypsum board, the hardened material filling the space between a face paper and a back paper; consists primarily of gypsum with additives.
15. (British) Same as blockout.
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sigma]1f] correspond to the part of the stator winding which is outside the stator magnetic core represented by the 2D model of the motor.
The manufacturing plant, covering an area of 27,500 square metres, will process grain oriented electrical steel, from coils right up to fully built magnetic cores for distribution and electrical power transformers.
s] for permanent magnet material, the equivalent thickness of a non-magnetic gap between the armature and magnetic cores of the inductor is relatively large.
A business which has successfully used the knowledge of the Torfaen team is Pontypool-based magnetic cores firm Wiltan.
While the technical aspects of developing the AN/FSQ-7, the first computer with an internal memory consisting of magnetic cores, receive considerable attention, the authors concentrate more on the roles and relationships among key individuals and institutions--military and civilian--involved with the project.
Sensors operate under different principles to classical instrument transformers with magnetic cores.
Two quick release fasteners allow the inspection panel to be opened easily and the magnetic cores extracted from the stainless steel tubes.
The parent company makes the superconductive magnetic cores for magnetic resonance machines.
They used electroplating techniques to make the magnetic cores and the current-carrying coils so that they have relatively low resistance.
The device is a small band made of titanium beads with magnetic cores placed around the esophagus, just above the stomach.