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1. magnetism produced by an electric current
2. the branch of physics concerned with magnetism produced by electric currents and with the interaction of electric and magnetic fields
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The branch of science dealing with the observations and laws relating electricity to magnetism. Electromagnetism is based upon the fundamental observations that a moving electric charge produces a magnetic field and that a charge moving in a magnetic field will experience a force. The magnetic field produced by a current is related to the current, the shape of the conductor, and the magnetic properties of the medium around it by Ampère's law. The magnetic field at any point is described in terms of the force that it exerts upon a moving charge at that point. The electrical and magnetic units are defined in terms of the ampere, which in turn is defined from the force of one current upon another. The association of electricity and magnetism is also shown by electromagnetic induction, in which a changing magnetic field sets up an electric field within a conductor and causes the charges to move in the conductor. See Eddy current, Electricity, Electromagnetic induction, Faraday's law of induction, Hall effect, Inductance, Lenz's law, Reluctance

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Branch of physics relating electricity to magnetism.
Magnetism produced by an electric current rather than by a permanent magnet.
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When the active region decayed and the magnetic field was dispersed, the field lines are only energized by surface convective motions shaking the field lines, and such quiet-region corona is heated by magnetic waves.
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Now, using a sensitive instrument aboard NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, McIntosh and colleagues have discovered magnetic waves throughout the corona and the transition zone between it and the chromosphere.
Gravity forces come from the magnetic waves around the atom Figure 1b (center) which is an inward attraction force at the nodes that help conserve the energy Figure 1a.
Not only that, but its magnetic waves also bring relief to a number of painful conditions.
A beacon is a transceiver (device that sends and receives signals) that creams an electromagnetic field (energy in the form of electric and magnetic waves) around itself.
As they see it, the Mapimi is "The Zone of Silence," where magnetic waves are mysteriously altered or silenced.
NIST scientists have recently implemented a Brillouin light scattering facility for characterizing acoustic and magnetic waves in thin-film and bulk materials.
In addition, some areas of the plant are completely shielded from magnetic waves to protect Fujitsu's equipment and manufacturing processes.
Wireless communication is based on sending magnetic waves through ether.

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