Magritte, René

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Magritte, René

(rənā` mägrēt`), 1898–1967, Belgian surrealist painter. Strongly influenced by ChiricoChirico, Giorgio de
, 1888–1978, Italian painter, b. Vólos, Greece. Chirico developed his enigmatic vision in Munich and Italy and from 1911 to 1915 he worked and exhibited in Paris.
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, Magritte developed a style in which a misleading sort of realism is combined with mocking irony. His paintings are dominated by an intense quietude and restraint, despite a startling juxtaposition of images. Characteristic works, such as The Red Model (1935; Modern Mus., Stockholm), contain elaborate fantasies constructed around commonplace situations.


See studies by S. Gablik (1970) and A. M. Hammacher (tr. 1974).

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