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Production activities are located in the Mahakam River delta, East Kalimantan, through VICO Ltd, a joint venture between Eni (50% stake), which is the operator, and Saka Energi (50% stake).
by Reuters A tug boat pulls a coal barge along the Mahakam River in Samarinda, East Kalimantan province, Indonesia, March 2, 2016.
These include deep-water Tarakan and Kutei basins and in the Mahakam River delta from which the Italian major has extracted oil and gas.
Jakarta, April 19 (Xinhua-ANI): Rescuers have found 14 bodies and kept searching for 13 others after a boat capsized in Mahakam river in Samarinda of East Kalimantan on Wednesday, rescuers said Friday.
The boat was believed to be carrying up to 68 people when it sank Wednesday on the Mahakam river in Indonesia's part of Borneo island, AP reported.
Irrawaddy dolphins are also found in coastal areas in south and southeast Asia, in the Irrawaddy river in Myanmar and in the Mahakam river in Indonesia.
The Company has also identified a new haul road alignment to a permanent barge loading facility on the Mahakam River that will significantly improve year-round barging access at Mamahak.
PT Tirta Mahakam Resources has an integrated timber processing factory near the Mahakam river in the village of Bukuaan, Palaran Samaarinda, East Kalimantan In 2001, this company moved its unit of UV Color from Samarinda in East Kalimantan to Gresik, East Java.
TO) each have 50 percent share in the block, which is located at the Mahakam River delta in Southeast Kalimantan.
Hunkered down against the wall of a Dayak longhouse in the Upper Mahakam river of east Kalimantan in the heart of Indonesian Borneo, he was explaining his ideas to a community workshop.
Migrations in the past included both short-distance moves to other sites in the same area, and long-distance migrations to a river on the other side of the watershed, or to areas as far as Sarawak, the lower Kayan river basin, Berau, or the middle and lower Mahakam river basin.
I've had some very interesting experiences, including going hulu (inland) on the mighty Mahakam river, meeting Dayak people (they were headhunters less than 100 years ago), sleeping on the floor of the big river ferry with scores of Indonesians all going to a big festival, toe-room only .