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Tenders are invited for Filling of two nos of inclines to stop illegal mining of damra colliery near mahali para under leasehold area of kalipahari-r colliery
This comes after Imam Aishbag Eidgah, Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahali made an appeal to alter the timings to maintain peace and harmony.
Kuna CCTV lakini haijulikani mahali iko Walinipiga risasi kisha wakaondoka (Even police were not therewe have CCTV but their location isthe attackers shot me and left).
6) na wewe unapenda kuwa mahali They would have come to visit me.
The former Ansar winger, who replaced the ineffectual Mohammad Haidar at halftime, canceled out Mahali Jasuli's 43rd-minute opener with an 80th minute strike before sealing all three points in the dying embers of the match.
Raju Mahali and his wife Geeta Mahali joined Trinamool Congress ( TMC) with the flag being handed over by Tourism minister Gautam Deb in Siliguri.
As the patron of the Bristol Zoological Society, Prince Edward was invited to open the new Mahali Pori exhibit.
The second initiative, Mahali, is dedicated to maximising local produce sales, opening new markets and promoting unique locally-made products.
Riyadh, Rabi'II 28, 1437, February 07, 2016, SPA -- After having tightening its grip over Ghailama region, located in Mahali valley, the Yemeni army, assisted by the popular resistance, is advancing towards capital, Sanaa, officers said today.
Lakini upande wetu sisi tunayo jawabu ikubaliwayo kila mahali ambapo mambo ya dhulma namna hii yamepata kutokea.
Types of Aash: Joosh Pareh, Mahali, lekhshak, Blqur-e-Torsh, Qaliyeh, Balqur-e-sheer, Anar, Omaj, Gooshvareh.
31) The Britain-based rights group also highlighted the slaughter committed by the international coalition between April 30 and May 1 in the village of Bir Mahali in Aleppo, where at least 64 people were killed.