Maharajapuram Sitaram Krishnan

Krishnan, Maharajapuram Sitaram


Born Aug. 24, 1898, in Vatrap, Tamilnad; died Apr. 24, 1970, in Thanjavur, Tamilnad. Indian geologist.

Krishnan graduated from Presidency College in Madras in 1919 and from the Imperial Scientific and Technical College in London in 1923. From 1924 he worked for the Indian Geological Survey, serving as its director from 1951 to 1955. His major works deal with the geology of India and Burma. Krishnan studied the geological structure and history of the tectonic development of the Hindustan Peninsula, the Himalayas, and the adjacent regions of Iran, Afghanistan, Burma, and Indonesia.


Mineral Resources of Madras. Calcutta, 1951.
The Structural and Tectonic History of India. Calcutta, 1953.
“Mineral Resources and Their Problems.” Indian Mining Journal, 1956, vol. 4, no. 1.
In Russian translation:
Geologiia Indii i Birmy. Moscow, 1954.
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