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Mahesha Ranasoma lasted only nine months at Shell Gas Lanka Board since his appointment in October 2009 by Shell Gas Lanka Ltd.
Lakulisha was identified with Mahesha (Shiva) in the Karvan Mahatmya and in iconographical programmes of several temples of Orissa and Rajasthan.
Srinivasan, while discussing the art forms associated with the three elements of Shaiva theology, namely Para Shiva (equivalent of formless Brahman), Sadashiva (representing sakala-nishkala or manifest-unmanifest intermediate stage), and Mahesha (fully manifested form or sakala aspect), clarifies that while the linga is said to represent the nishkala Para Shiva, the ekamukha-linga with one face refers to the Sadashiva aspect.
Sinking of Borewell and Providing Electrification to the Lands of Mahadevaiah S/o Late Ningaiah (Sy No 390) of Amachavadi village, Siddaiah S/o Gurusiddaiah (Sy No 445/3), Swamy S/o Siddaiah (Sy No 447) in Dollipura village, Mahesha S/o Basavaiah (Sy No 72) of Ankanashettipura village, Murthi S/o Late Lingaiah (Sy No 372/1a) of Doddarayapete village and Basavaraju S/o Neelaiah (Sy No 3/50) of Chikkahole checkpost village in Chamarajanagara taluk-under SCP.
Interestingly, the team was initially in for a disappointment when they found only ` 3,000 in cash from the junior engineer's houses at Bari Tola and Mahesha in Bettiah.