Mahmud Said

Sa’id, Mahmud


Born Apr. 8, 1897, in Alexandria; died Apr. 8, 1964. Egyptian artist.

Sa’id studied in private schools in Alexandria. One of the pioneers of modern Egyptian painting, he strove to create a renaissance in Egyptian national art. Sa’id’s style is characterized by an emphasized three-dimensional shaping of figures, clear rhythmic composition, and rich color (Autumn, 1929, Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria; View of Aswan, 1964, private collection, Alexandria).

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These days we are testing and developing many systems, incorporating custom mechatronics with a variety of sensors and algorithms to detect the characteristics of various remnants of war," Mahmud said, adding, "We firmly believe that these disruptive technologies can bring around serious changes to problems faced by demining methods.
Khalid Mahmud said that especially in Endoscopy we are ahead of developed countries.
Secretary agriculture Muhammad Mahmud said that Punjab government was trying to help farmers by introducing new profitable crops to enable them survive amid sudden weather changes and enhance their earnings.
Mahmud said on Wednesday that 120,000 agriculture tubewells were
Punjab Agriculture Secretary Muhammad Mahmud said on Wednesday that 120,000 agriculture tube wells operational in Punjab are consuming 30% more electricity than the prescribed amount.
MULTAN -- Punjab Secretary Agriculture Mohammad Mahmud said on Wednesday that 120,000 agriculture tubewells were lifting ground water in Punjab, however, these were consuming 30 per cent more electricity than requirement, a wastage that could be saved by applying some techniques.
Al Mahmud said most domestic crimes, such as theft, assault, rape, being reported to police in the recent years were committed by illegal workers.
I don't think I could get used to new neighbours in an unfamiliar district," Mahmud said.
Mahmud said in press statements, Thursday, that the trade exchange will lead to remarkable economic movement besides rising the local currency against the dollar price a matter that will reflect positively on bringing down production cost and reduction of prices of commodities.
After expressing elation over his new career, Mahmud said, "KFF asked me to take the responsibility of training the Kurdistan team in this year's VIVA World Cup and I accepted the request.
Services sector might be contributing another Dh 2 billion or Dh 3 billion to the trade between the two countries,'' Mahmud said.
26 commitment to an unconditional cease-fire throughout Aceh for an indefinite period,'' Aceh ''prime minister in exile'' Malik Mahmud said in a statement.