Mahmud Said

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Sa’id, Mahmud


Born Apr. 8, 1897, in Alexandria; died Apr. 8, 1964. Egyptian artist.

Sa’id studied in private schools in Alexandria. One of the pioneers of modern Egyptian painting, he strove to create a renaissance in Egyptian national art. Sa’id’s style is characterized by an emphasized three-dimensional shaping of figures, clear rhythmic composition, and rich color (Autumn, 1929, Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria; View of Aswan, 1964, private collection, Alexandria).

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'I am really satisfied with the innings he [Mithun] he played,' Mahmud said.
Prof Khalid Mahmud said that the causes of migraine include imbalanced diet, noise pollution, irritating lights, distorted conversation, neck pain, depression and allergy from any edible, etc.
Talking about his own journey in the performing arts [when he started making music for a show called 'Akkar, bakkar'] Mr Mahmud said that you can only learn the performing arts by performing.
Mr Mahmud said he was invited by the anti-fascist protesters to join them in confronting Robinson and his group in the town centre when he was on his way to a meeting.
Prof Khalid Mahmud said that PINS was the only dedicated specialized healthcare centre for neurology and neurosurgery not only in Punjab but the entire country.
Khalid Mahmud said that on this day it is a good omen that patients of Parkinson are getting healthy by modern treatment in Pakistan and now they should not go overseas and spend heavy money in foreign exchange.
In relevant remarks in late December, Mahmud said that YPG will lay down their arms only after peace returns to Syria.
"That was our first win against any Test playing nation," Mahmud said during an interview with Khaleej Times .
"They say there is partnership, but it is not equal partnership," Mahmud said.
"These days we are testing and developing many systems, incorporating custom mechatronics with a variety of sensors and algorithms to detect the characteristics of various remnants of war," Mahmud said, adding, "We firmly believe that these disruptive technologies can bring around serious changes to problems faced by demining methods."
Secretary agriculture Muhammad Mahmud said that Punjab government was trying to help farmers by introducing new profitable crops to enable them survive amid sudden weather changes and enhance their earnings.
Punjab Agriculture Secretary Muhammad Mahmud said on Wednesday that 120,000 agriculture tube wells operational in Punjab are consuming 30% more electricity than the prescribed amount.