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[Arab.,=praised], 570?–632, the name of the Prophet of Islam, one of the great figures of history, b. Mecca. Early Life

Muhammad was the son of Abdallah ibn Abd al-Muttalib and his wife Amina, both of the Hashim clan of the dominant Kuraish (Quraysh)
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(Fr) Isabella's speech parallels Mahomet's seduction of Hiren, for five successive stanzas of Barksted's poem elaborate in turn upon a gratification for Hiren's 'eyes', 'taste', 'hearing', 'smelling', and sense of touch.
15 in and near Mahomet, Illinois, and will measure air flow in what's known as a stable boundary layer.
Bachi, who now lives in France, is known for, among other novels, Le chien d'Ulysse (2001), Le Silence de Mahomet (2008), and Le Consul (2014).
El manuscrito se halla en The Hispanic Society of America de Nueva York y su titulo completo es Relacion verdadera del Gran Sermon que predica en la Mesquita Parroquial de Babilonia Mahomet Calipapau ...
In the first part, Mecklenburg's discussion moves from Goethe's early tragedy project Mahomet (early 1770s), to Klaggesang von der edlen Frauen des Asan Aga (1778), Iphigenie auj'Tauris (1786), Die Braut von Korbith (1797), and finally Italienische Reise (1816-17).
The cover story of the October 2016 issue of Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner featured the "rescue" of a Marathon-branded single store in Mahomet, Ill.
We need a referendum!" wrote Mahomet Mahomet on Twitter.
However, as he reminds us in this second book, for the English readers and writers of the period "there was no Islam or Muslims, only Mahomet and Mahometans" (1).
His canvas includes the depiction of various ascents that accompanied--and were often occasioned by--the declines of the western and eastern Roman empires: the new Christian hegemony built on the ashes of pagan religion; the gradual transformation of the marauding "Barbarians" who dismembered Rome's empire into the founders of "the great republic of Europe"; Islamic expansionism through the wars of Mahomet's successors against the weakened Byzantine, north African, and Spanish defenses; the supplanting of caesars and consuls by popes and bishops.
In "The Prophet Vindicated: A Restoration Treatise on Islam and Muhammad," Bosworth recounts the life of Henry Stubbe (1632-76) and the composition and fate of his book, An Account of the Rise and Progress of Mahometanism, with the Life of Mahomet and a Vindication of Him and His Religion from the Calumnies of the Christians.
However, there are still many more out there and I wonder whether any friends or relations reading this might be able to put me in touch with Gillian Treseder, Gillian Francis, Gillian Windsor (Now Phillips), Janice Wedlake, Pat Marks, Carol Teague, Valerie Morgan, Jean Vesey, Pat Rattenbury, Mary Morris (now Owen) Sonja Pearce, Rina Gubbels, Ann De Carteret Evans, Marilyn Mahomet, Betty Sullivan and any others who were with us at that time.