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see MarathasMarathas
or Mahrattas
, Marathi-speaking people of W central India, known for their ability as warriors and their devotion to Hinduism. From their homeland in Maharashtra their chieftains rose to power in the 17th cent.
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Prior to returning to Nira in March 1943 as intelligence officer who would make numerous reconnaissance trips to the Mahratta Hills, he wrote "In Hospital: Poona (I)", "In Hospital: Poona (2)", and the much-anthologised "Burma Casualty", in which he writes about a wounded soldier, who while convalescing, hears about the Japanese butchering of his comrades: 'And he lay in the lightness of the ward / Thinking of all the lads the dark enfolds / So secretly.
Bakhshis in military command continued in the armies of the Mahrattas, of Hyder Ali, and of other native powers.
For some castes, it surpassed 30 percent by 1931 in parts of Gujarat and the Southern Mahratta districts, where cash crops flourished.
Many of his contemporaries saw him as the man who single-handedly saved India for Britain with his victory over the French-supported Mahratta Confederacy, at a time when Britain was busy losing everywhere else.
Dangoswch lond bwrdd o Madurai Cyw Iar, Mahratta Cig Eidion Cymreig, Bunha Gosht Cig Oen, Matar Batata Kari Vindaloo neu Shikhampuri Kabab i mi...
Anderson assumed command of the 50th on promotion to Lieutenant Colonel on 31 January 1843 and in the Gwalior campaign he commanded a brigade at the Battle of Punniar; Anderson personally led a successful attack to take the Mahratta guns and was severely wounded.
From the inaugural issues of the Mahratta and the Kesari, Tilak placed the example of Ireland in front of his readership, extolling the Irish people as "resolute, patriotic, and self-sacrificing." (50) Tilak's counterpart in Ireland was Arthur Griffith, who, more than any other journalist or politician, clearly articulated his country's policy of "uncompromising Irish nationalism." (51) Founding the United Irishman in 1899, Griffith laid out a blueprint for constructing a national identity.
However, an English translation of this autobiographical narration is attached as an appendix to the Twelfth Report of the German Evangelical Mission in the Canara, Southern Mahratta, and Malayalam Provinces and on the Nilgiris, Bangalore, Wesleyan Mission Press, 1852, pp.
Of the utility of the former I am more convinced than ever from a recent inspection of a Malabar & Mahratta grammar, with which we have lately been supplied; & which enable me decidedly to pronounce the languages of the peninsula to be as nearly affiliated with the Sanscrit, as that of Bengal.
formerly of The Mahratta Light Infantry, Indian Army, Hearsall Court, Whoberley.