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see MarathasMarathas
or Mahrattas
, Marathi-speaking people of W central India, known for their ability as warriors and their devotion to Hinduism. From their homeland in Maharashtra their chieftains rose to power in the 17th cent.
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Some saw the Sikhs as serving British interests as a buttress between "the Mahrattas and us.
Complicated discussions began with the Mahrattas while Wellesley moved his army north at a rate of two or three miles a day to Scindia's stronghold of Ahmednuggur.
Some of the Mahratta gunners played dead and then jumped up and turned their guns on the backs of the advancing British, but Wellesley's men drove on and the Mahrattas gave up the contest and inched away.
For cavalry lie: had the 19th Light Dragoons, Company cavalry and some Mysore and Mahratta horsemen.
Sikhs sided with the British and indicated in their deeds an antipathy towards the Mahrattas.
Ward retells the story of his command and how, after a siege of the camp, Nana Sahib, the Mahratta leader, tricked the English soldiers into surrender on the promise of safe conduct and then massacred them.