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Maiden Castle,

prehistoric fortress, Dorset, S England, near Dorchester. The finest earthwork in the British Isles, c.120 acres (50 hectares) in area, is there. Two sets of large-scale excavations at this site indicate it was first occupied during the Neolithic period (c.2000 B.C.); two concentric ditches define this early, 15.8-acre (6-hectare) occupation. It was then abandoned until the early Iron Age (c.300 B.C.), when an elaborate system of enclosing banks and ditches was built, making it one of the largest hill forts in Europe. It subsequently underwent numerous changes in form and function. It was abandoned c.A.D. 70, shortly after the Roman invasion, and its inhabitants moved to a nearby valley town.
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The remains of the former Maiden Castle, once owned by a prince, were found on the slopes of Bennachie.
|DURHAM Schools FA stages its end-of-season finals at the Graham Sports Centre, Maiden Castle, Durham.
There are unarguably no 'very special circumstances of the green belt policy.' Comparison should be made with Maiden Castle in Dorset, a much larger prehistoric fort of the same structure which is recognised by the local authority as a valuable historical attraction, and is treated with the utmost care and respect and is accordingly devoid of any building or other development.
WORK has started on a major new sports facility at Durham University's Maiden Castle site.
The illustrations are very attractive, and include both imaginative reconstructions, such as one showing 'how Celtic warriors may have looked', and photographs of real places, such as Maiden Castle and Iron Age houses replicated in Pembrokeshire.
TRANSFER-LISTED Paul Proudlock made his mark as Boro beat Fourth Division Scunthorpe United 3-1 in a friendly game at Maiden Castle.
In which English county are Maiden Castle and Corfe Castle?
Also featured are the Battersea shield, Star Carr headdress, Skara Brae village (Orkney Islands), Grime's Graves flint mines, Avebury stone circles, the Drumbest horns (Northern Ireland) and Maiden Castle hill fort.
Mr Maine's body was found near Maiden Castle sports centre, around 40m from the site of significant blood drops in the middle of a bridge over the Wear.
The subject is the Iron Age hill-fort of Maiden Castle.
Torches will be shone at the following locations: Maiden Castle, Beeston Castle, Kelsborrow, Helsby, Burton Point, Moel y Gaer Rhosesmor, Penycloddiau, Moel Arthur, Moel Fenlli and Caer Drewyn.