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Maimona (Maimuna)

Between March 28 and April 25; day after Passover
Jews in North Africa commemorate the philosopher and rabbi, Moses Maimonides (1135 or 1138-1204), on the evening of the last day of Passover and the day that follows. Since the news of Maimonides's death in 1204 reached many Jews during Passover, they were not able to mourn his passing, as custom would normally dictate, by eating bread and an egg. So they postponed it until the following day.
In Libya on this day, each family member receives the maimona (from an Arabic word meaning "good fortune")—a small loaf of bread with an egg baked inside, which they eat with slices of lamb.
In Morocco, people dress up or wear costumes. Special displays of food are arranged on tables, including pitchers of milk and bowls of flour with eggs, broad green beans, stalks of wheat, and dates. Surrounding the bowls are honey, fruit, nuts, cookies, lettuce, wine, and a type of pancake known as muflita . After going to the synagogue, people stop to bless their friends and sample the refreshments at each home. A lettuce leaf, representing prosperous crops, is dipped in honey, symbolizing sweetness, and given to each guest. Wherever possible, people dip their feet in streams, rivers, or the sea.
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In September 2016 three women Tasmin Yaqub, Maimuna Abdirahman, and Ramla Abdirahman casually strolled into Mombasa Central Police Station clad in buibui's and proceeded to occurrence book desk as if to report an incident.
Maimuna Abubakar Zakari, Executive Secretary, Dr Habiba Ibrahim and Jamilu Albani to head SEMA, Special Assistant, Geographic Information Service and Director-General, Interfaith Matters respectively.
Others committee heads are Priscillah Mumba (Transport), Amria Juma Boy (Justice and Legal Affairs), Lucy Chizi (Delegated Committee), Maimuna Salim and three others.
India is seeking what one Pakistani scholar, Maimuna Ashraf, described as a 'strategic balance between the major powers in order to achieve its goals of military modernization.' It needs to be seen if India gets US exemption from CAATSA 2017 or faces sanctions because of the S-400 deal.
Maimuna al Sulaimani is an Omani lawyer licensed with the Supreme Court of Oman.
Maimuna Memon, Wildcard's Creative Associate and Resident Composer said "We had such a brilliant time at Theatr Clwyd, who were so supportive.
Mr Al Mutawa was speaking at a meeting yesterday with the UN under-secretary general and UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) executive director Maimuna Mohammed Sharif, in the presence of Housing Minister Bassem Al Hamer.
Al Mutawa was speaking at a meeting yesterday with the United Nations Under-secretary General and Executive Director of the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) Maimuna Mohammed Sharif, in the presence of Housing Minister Bassim bin Yaqoob Al Hamar.
These are the result of deeply held religious and cultural beliefs."If you're asking someone to not do the typical thing they do to grieve and mourn, you need to provide an appropriate alternative that achieves the same cultural end," says Maimuna Majumder, an epidemiologist at MIT."That's usually the piece that goes missing.
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Meanwhile Shayma (Maimuna Memon), is a trainee human rights lawyer who is seeking justice for a dozen fruit pickers who died in a fire on the same day, but whose stories get eclipsed by Hopkins' "death".