main contractor

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general contractor

The prime contractor who is responsible for most of the work at the construction site, including that performed by the subcontractors.
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According to Musanada, the platform will provide information on the awarded projects, the scope of work and materials required for each project to subcontractors and suppliers, making the process of contacting the main contractor easier.
Although, they may come in different variations tailored to specific contracts, a back-to-back clause is in broad terms, an agreement that a Sub-contractor will not be entitled to payment from a Main Contractor unless payment has been received by the ultimate client or Employer.
The main contractor pays the VAT and recovers it from HMRC.
Read Construction, the main contractor, is looking to connect with local businesses at the free Meet the Buyer event.
'Lai Sin Kian, the technical director of Yuta Maju Sdn Bhd, the main contractor for the paired road under construction, has disclaimed responsibility for those who perished in the landslide, and let the bodies lie unclaimed in the mortuary stating that they were not hired by the company or its subcontractors,' it said in a statement.
Summary: Trojan General Contracting is the main contractor for the Yas Island project
Summary: Deyaar Development appointed Belhasa Engineering and Contracting Company as the main contractor for its Midtown Afnan and Dania districts, in a contract worth US$ 163 million.
According to 24 Vesti, in early March ELEM requested of the bank to activate the guarantee and several days ago 5.6 million euros were drawn from the main contractor's account.
The relationship between the main contractor and the subcontractor is not always in good term [7].
Three companies will compete in the final stage of the tender for selecting a main contractor for the construction of a new zinc plant in Bulgaria's southern city of Kardzhali.
NHS Wales has appointed law firm Morgan Cole as a main contractor following the NHS Shared Services tender for external legal services.