Maine de Biran

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Maine de Biran

(mĕn də bēräN`), 1766–1824, French philosopher, member of the Council of Five Hundred (1797), and councilor of state (1816). His real name was Marie François Pierre Gonthier de Biran. Although interested in the theories of Condillac and the ideologues, he was unable to accept Condillac's view of knowledge as derived solely from sensation. Maine de Biran emphasized the importance of inner consciousness of the self, finding the basis of morality in the consciousness of volitional activity. He later inclined toward mysticism. His writings were collected as Œuvres inédites de Maine de Biran (1859).


See studies by P. P. Hallie (1959) and F. C. T. Moore (1970).

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I applaud brands who do it right but, unfortunately, many of these refill offers are deceptive and not eco-friendly but eco-no-friendly (good for the wallet) and generate more wastage especially when linked to a requirement to purchase new bottles in order to get a refill in an existing bottle," Kierin NYC co-Founder Mona Maine de Biran said in a statement.
En este sentido, el sentimiento del esfuerzo, en expresion de Maine de Biran, no es sino aquel sentido intimo o hecho primitivo que me revela primeramente a mi en oposicion a lo que le ofrece resistencia a mi esfuerzo voluntario (Cfr.
Moreover, insisting that the often marginalized Maine de Biran is their equal, and a pioneering figure for the whole of nineteenth-century idealism must be approved and applauded.
Maine de Biran replaces classical reflection with an inner transcendental experience whose organ is the transcendental inner sense, and describes the pathos of the ontology of the passivity of the self toward the body and the organic.
Ensayo sobre la ontologia de Maine de Biran, Presentacion y traduccion de Juan Gallo Reyzabal, Salamanca: Sigueme, 2007, 302 pp., 13 x 21, ISBN 978-84-3011-642-3.
In a published report, Didier Maine de Biran, vice president of Puig North America and general manager of Puig USA, said that American consumers coming out of the recession realize they can find prestige fragrances in mass market outlets at affordable prices.
This ambitious philosophical excavation traces the history of a concept that has borne various appellations: the 'common sense' of Aristotle's commentators; the 'inner touch' of the Stoics; the 'interior sense' of Augustine; the 'inner space' of Maine de Biran; and the medical idea of 'coenaesthesis' proposed by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century scientists.
Primarily, Idea is a work of intellectual history including discussions of Locke, Mandeville, Hume, Smith, Condillac, Diderot, Rousseau, Maine de Biran, Constant, Kant, Herder, Humboldt, Goethe, Fichte, Novalis, Schelling, Hegel, Coleridge, Mill, Durkheim, Mallarme, Janet, Fouille, Bergson, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Foucault, and Derrida.

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