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material made by pulverizing the ground, dried residue of corn grains after preparatory soaking and the removal of the embryo and the outer covering. It is used as laundry starch, in sizing paper, in making adhesives, and in cooking. Dextrindextrin,
any one of a number of carbohydrates having the same general formula as starch but a smaller and less complex molecule. They are polysaccharides and are produced as intermediate products in the hydrolysis of starch by heat, by acids, and by enzymes.
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, corn syrup, and corn sugar are produced by the hydrolysis of cornstarch. See starchstarch,
white, odorless, tasteless, carbohydrate powder. It plays a vital role in the biochemistry of both plants and animals and has important commercial uses. In green plants starch is produced by photosynthesis; it is one of the chief forms in which plants store food.
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You can find packages of "Maizena," a powdered mix of cornstarch, salt, and calcium carbonate, at Hispanic grocery stores.
Los demas programas tambien tenian los nombres de sus patrocinadores, tales como: Gincana Kibon, Sabatina Maizena y el Teatrinho Trol.
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