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see Ujung PandangUjung Pandang
, formerly Makasar
, city (1990 pop. 944,685), SW Sulawesi, capital of Sulawesi Selatan prov., Indonesia. The largest city in Sulawesi, it is one of Indonesia's important seaports, a distribution and transshipment point for goods from Europe and Asia.
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, Indonesia.
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In Orality, writing and history: The literature of the Bugis and Makasar of South Sulawesi', ed.
This view of the genesis of nomadism in Borneo is necessarily speculative to some extent, but it may help to explain why foraging groups are absent in the Barito basin and most of lowland Kalimantan bordering the Makasar Strait, since this is the region where longhouses are rare or absent.
Halimi (1998) explained that: "Their (Chulian traders) dominance in this trade was not only visible in Kedah but also in nearly all the main ports of the Nusantara such as Aceh, Johore, Banten, Japara and Makasar. At that time textile was an important merchandise for trade.
Several other plants were used traditionally for the treatment of cancer, especially breast cancer, but not yet investigated pharmacologically, were Bambu tali (Asparagus cochinchinensis Lour.), Buah Makasar (Brucea javanica L.), Cakar ayam (Selaginella doederleinii Hieron), Jali (Coix lachrymal L.), Leunca (Solanum nigrum L.), Jombang (Taraxacum mongolicum Hand-Mazz.), Rumput Mutiara (Hedyotis corymbosa L.), Waru Landak (Hibiscus mutabilis L.).
* Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen Sulawesi Selatan (Makasar) for decentralisation of health systems
Our respondents in Makasar complained that after the government's
There was a practice of primordialism (17) known as SDM--an abbreviation of Sumber Daya Makasar (Makassar's resources) and SOS--an abbreviation of Semua Orang Sulawesi (All Sulawesi's men) (Stanley 1999, p.
Similar protests with smaller numbers of participants were staged in other major cities, including Surabaya, Makasar and Yogyakarta, local television Metro TV reported.
But there were certainly people for whom Islam was a moral imperative and banner of political action: Sultan Alauddin who Islamised South Sulawesi by force of arms in 1608-11; Shaikh Yusuf Makasar who resisted the Dutch East India Company's intervention in West Java in the 1680s; Trunajaya of Madura who toppled a king of Java in 1677; Kyai Tapa who inspired a Bantenese rebellion in 1750 and prince Dipanagara who led the last great Javanese resistance against Dutch rule in 1825-30, known as the Java War.
The shop, called Makasar, promises to be a fusion of extremely modern design and traditional tea culture, where customers are attracted and intrigued by the setting but comfortable enough to ask for information and advice in choosing the tea to suit their taste.