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a people living in the southwestern part of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Population, 1.2 million (1970, estimate).

The Makassarese language, which has a historical and poetic literature, belongs to the Indonesian languages. The Makassarese profess Islam. Anthropologically, the Makassarese belong to the Southern Mongoloid race. They probably migrated from the western islands of Indonesia or from the Asian continent at the beginning of the second millennium A.D. States, evidently of the early feudal type, took shape among the Makassarese as early as the 15th century. The chief occupations of the Makassarese are farming, fishing, and trade.


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Seeking out her own roots, Sitie used Nannekoe's credit line to purchase 24 Makasarese sarongs from a Makasarese merchant for 66 rijksdaalder.
Thus when the representatives of different European states began arriving from the early sixteenth century onwards, they were initially seen no differently from the representatives of Majapahit, Tidore, Ternate; from Bandanese, Buginese or Makasarese.