Makeevka Metallurgical Works

Makeevka Metallurgical Works


(full name, S. M. Kirov Makeevka Metallurgical Works), an enterprise of the metallurgical industry of the USSR. Located in the city of Makeevka, Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. It is equipped for the full cycle of metallurgical operations, and its area of specialty is the production of light-gauge and medium-gauge ordinary and shaped construction-type rolled steel of the high-carbon and low-alloy variety, as well as rail joints. The works was founded in 1898 by the French-backed General Company for the Iron Smelting, Casting, and Steel Smelting Factories of Russia (Société générate des hauts fourneaux, forges, et acieries en Russie) to produce rolled steel sheeting and structural varieties. The workers of the enterprise were active in the revolutionary movement: they participated in the Gorlovka armed uprising in 1905 and in the antiwar demonstrations in 1914 and 1915.

The factory was nationalized after the October Revolution of 1917. Under the prewar five-year plans the enterprise was reconstructed, and a mechanized blast furnace of 842 cu m capacity, a sintering plant, an open-hearth smelting shop, the first Soviet blooming plant, a continuous billet mill with 630 and 450 stands, a strip mill, and medium-grade and rod mills were constructed. The plant was honored with the prefix S. M. Kirov in 1934. At the start of the Great Patriotic War (1941-45) the works included the following working units: four blast furnaces and 14 open-hearth furnaces, a blooming mill, seven shaping mills, and two sheet mills. The works was destroyed during the fascist German occupation of the city (1941-43). Reconstruction started in September 1943, and the works attained the prewar production level in 1950.

Postwar construction included two sintering belts, a blast furnace, four open-hearth furnaces, a medium-gauge 350-2 mill, a 250-2 rod mill, an oxygen plant, and other installations. Future plans include the reconstruction of blast furnaces to increase their capacity, the modernization of the rolling mills, and the construction of new capacity for the production of oxygen. The works received the Order of Lenin in 1966, and Open-hearth Department No. 2 received the Order of the Badge of Honor in 1939.


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