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(graphic arts)
The careful leveling of relief printing plates on the bed of the press so that they yield the best possible impression.
Final preparations and adjustments that must be made preliminary to printing, especially those that are required to compensate for irregularities in type or plates.



(in printing), the operation of preparing letterpress equipment for printing. The process involves evening out or redistributing the pressure of the plate on the paper or other material. The necessity of making ready results from the uneven height and area of the printing elements of the plate and also from irregularities in the cylinder or bed of the press. Making ready is done by putting special makeready sheets with relief surfaces on the drawsheet or under the plate; the relief is produced manually or by chemical, mechanical, or thermal methods. In large part the makeready operation determines the quality of impressions.

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In the medium term, the printer, manroland web systems, and Kodak will optimize the installation to reduce makeready time to just a few minutes, make the setup easier to use, and improve registration.
As quality and production speeds for inkjet presses come into alignment, it is seen by some as to be an almost perfect printing process, if done correctly, since there is no image carrier, no makeready, instant drying and integrated finishing.
Komori calculated an average of less than five minutes per job, including makeready, pre-ink, run-up to color, achieving register, running, wash-up and on to the next job.
Total quantity or scope: 5 lots, proposed a site and a treatment method for waste "bulky"> 80cm, waste "incinerated" in excess of 220 tons monthly and during 4-5 weeks annual technical stop CVED Vitre, waste wood, waste and gypsum plasterboard, polystyrene makeready.
With regard to makeready, Harkens suggested using a standard procedure for operators to start with, as well as employing meticulous inspection of raw materials.
This makes bypassed printing units and the use of blind plates a thing of the past, resulting in shorter makeready times and less waste.
Makeready and waste on offset presses may be down sharply, but it still can't touch that of a toner-based press.
Thanks to the die cutter's short makeready times, users benefit from high productivity and excellent cost-efficiency.
The result is a marked reduction in makeready times and paper waste.
From the economic perspective, the reduction in makeready times, waste, maintenance, and labor input associated with the Cortina's automation and cutting-edge technology--which include KBA PlateTronic automatic plate changers and CleanTronic washing systems--was a key criterion influencing our investment decision," said Al Nisr managing director Obaid Humaid Al Tayer.