Makhambet Utemisov

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Makhambet Utemisov


Born 1804, in the locality of Beketai, western Kazakhstan; died Oct. 20, 1846, in the locality of Karaoi, present-day Makhambet Raion, Gur’ev Oblast. Kazakh poet.

Makhambet Utemisov was the son of a poor nomad. He was an active participant in the antifeudal peasant uprisings led by the popular hero Isatai Taimanov. After Taimanov’s death, Makhambet Utemisov again attempted to raise an insurrection. He was killed by the khan’s minions.

About 40 of Makhambet Utemisov’s songs and poems have been preserved. The basic theme of his works is the struggle of the people against their oppressors. His aphoristic, emotional, and accusatory verses awakened protest and hatred for despotism. His best-known poems are “The Call to March,” “The Battle of Isatai,” “The Great Dream,” “A Matter of Honor,” and “A Curse for Dzhangir.”


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