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(pen name of Makhmud Magomedov). Born circa 1870, in the village of Kakhabroso, present-day Untsukul’ Raion; died in 1919, in the village of Igali, present-day Gumbetovskii Raion, Dagestan ASSR. Avar poet.

Makhmud fought in World War I (1914-18). After his return home, he joined the Bolsheviks, He was felled by a White Guard bullet.

Makhmud’s literary mentor was Tazhutdin from Batlaich (Chanka). All of Makhmud’s works contain the image of his beloved Muia, a girl from an aristocratic family whom he can only dream of marrying. Makhmud also exposes the customs that suppress the rights of mountain women to freedom. The poem Mariam, addressed to his beloved, is the crowning achievement of his love lyrics.


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