Makhmur, Makhmud

Makhmur, Makhmud


Date of birth unknown, born in the city of Kokand; died there in 1844. Uzbek poet and satirist.

Makhmur was educated in a madrasa. He joined a group of progressive poets (including GuFkhani and Khazyk), who opposed the court ode-writers of the Kokand khanate. Makhmur exposed the feudal aristocracy, the clergy, and the khan in the works Khafalak and Kurama. He angrily attacked the poet Fazli, who headed the feudal-clerical trend in early 19th-century poetry. The Uzbek poets of the late 19th and early 20th centuries (Mukimi, Zavki, and Avaz Otar-ogly) continued the best traditions of Makhmur’s democratic and satirical poetry.


In Russian translation:
Izbr. proizv. Tashkent, 1951.


Qäyumov, Ä. Mäkhmur. Tashkent, 1956.
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