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While in Cardiff the ship will also host the Welsh screening of Making Waves which is due to be aired later this year.
Making Waves showcases Vargas Llosa's thoughts on the vocation of the writer and the role of literature as well.
Making Waves replaces Northumbrian Water's Square Mile Project, which ran for 10 years from 1993.
making waves, CCE Publications, Port Albemi BC, Summer 2004 Over The Fence, National Women's Reference Group on Labour Market Issues, Spring 2004
First of all, I think the article "Salsa: Making Waves in the Dance World" [June, page 46] captures the essence of the current salsa craze.
So next time you hear about a gay man or woman in the news, stirring things up, making waves, leave the labels behind.
A SEAFARING monkey toy is making waves in Norway after an epic voyage across the North Sea.
PARIS'S NEWEST CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER won't open until September, but it's already making waves on the French arts scene, if in ways not necessarily anticipated by its initiators.
Indeed, water pollution is making waves in every coastal and Great Lakes state.
In recent years, a controversy overprehistoric impacts has been making waves in the scientific community as geologists debate whether a large impact 65 million years ago could possibly have initiated a round of mass extinctions concurrent with the boundary between the Cretaceous and the Tertiary periods (SN: 5/16/87, p.
The film, which was released by Warner Home Video International, has been making waves since its success at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival.
A NEW piece of artwork is making waves at a recycling village.