Maksim Krivonos

Krivonos, Maksim


Date of birth unkown; died in mid-November 1648. Hero of the War of Liberation of the Ukrainian People of 1648–54, one of the closest comrades-in-arms of Bogdan Khmel’nitskii.

Krivonos headed the movement of Ukrainian peasants, cossacks, and urban poor in Bratslavshchina, Podol’e, and Volyn’. He liberated the entire Left-bank and a significant part of the Right-bank Ukraine from the Poles. He proved himself to be a talented commander: in the battle of Korsun in 1648, an ambush detachment under his command played a major role in the rout of the Polish troops; in the same year his detachments scored victories at Piliavtsy, Makhnovka, and Konstantinov and seized the fortress of Vysokii Zamok (on the outskirts of L’vov). Krivonos was a victim of a plague epidemic during the siege of the fortress of Zamost’e.


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