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(plural makatib, Arabic word meaning “place where writing is taught”), a Muslim primary school. Makatib arose as schools attached to mosques in Arab countries in the seventh and eighth centuries. As Islam became more firmly established and Muslim missionary activity intensified, makatib spread to many Near Eastern countries, Middle Asia, the Volga region, and other parts of prerevolutionary Russia where Muslims predominated. The schools were generally supported by the local population and enrolled mainly boys (makatib for girls were uncommon). The teachers were usually mullahs, and the basic subjects were the Arabic alphabet and Koranic texts. In the modern maktab, also called kuttab, the Arabic language and literature, arithmetic, and other secular disciplines are taught. Many makatib have been reorganized into general primary schools in which the Koran is only one of several subjects studied.

In a number of Muslim countries makatib for girls have been organized, in which the pupils are taught by women teachers. Graduates of these schools may enroll in general primary or secondary schools or the madrasa.

Among the Turkic-speaking peoples living in the USSR, maktab is the name of a general secondary school.


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He said schools, especially maktab schools, had been closed on the pretext of low enrolments.
The army men carried out an ambush operation against a group of terrorists that intended to prevail over the army positions near Maktab al-Emad near the town of al-Rastan, killing and wounding a number of terrorists.
In addition to that, the Maktab Khana of the fort showcased sufi stories the art of calligraphy by Naqsh Art School, while Bagh-e-Maktab was instilled with illustrative workshops by the British Council.
The main aim of making groups is to impart hajj training, air traveling, residence in Makkah and Madina, Maktab and perform Hajj rituals jointly.
Moreover, 1,660 Maktab schools were also merged with primary schools.
Clean drinking water and a proper cooling system would be provided in every Maktab at Mina.
for construction of cement concrete road from bijoy maity house to iyad ali house via maktab primary school
SADIQABAD -- Students at Govt Maktab School Awami Colony lack requisite facilities for education since long.
At the follow-up at 5 y, information on the type of school [none, primary, Madrasa (Islamic), kindergarten, Maktab, or nonformal] was collected, and this information was updated at the follow-up at 10 y [none, public primary, Madrasa, nongovernmental organization (NGO; nonprofit private), or English medium (private)].
The event was also sponsored by Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl-Doha, IDKatar, Al Maktab Al Qatari Al Hollandi, Katara Studios, Qatar University, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Commverse, and Jumpzone.
Footage today shows Iranian-backed PMF deployed near Maktab Khalid, SW of Kirkuk, using US equipment for attack on Kirkuk.
Peshmerga fighters rejected a warning from Iraqi paramilitary groups to withdraw from the Maktab Khalid junction, which controls access to some of the region's main oil fields south of Kirkuk, by midnight Saturday, a Kurdish security official said Sunday.