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The discharge of stools colored black by altered blood.



formless, viscous, black stools, resembling pitch; one of the most important symptoms of internal hemorrhage in the digestive tract.

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Sam required urgent transfer from the ward to ICU for stabilisation due to uraemic seizures, coffee-ground vomit and malaena. She was tachycardic and her Hb dropped to 52 g/L.
In all 4 traditional medicine cases, sepsis was a likely additional factor: one used traditional medicines to 'ward off evil spirits' and had suspected sepsis; another used traditional medicines for 'winds' and developed haematemesis, malaena, a deranged clotting profile and necrotising enterocolitis; a third had preceding diarrhoea and vomiting and autopsy revealed severe necrotising bronchopneumonia and Waterhouse-Friderichsen adrenal lesions with viral inclusions; and a fourth, who had been given traditional medicines for constipation, was treated in hospital for malnutrition, Gram-negative sepsis and dehydration, but died at home after discharge.
Subsequently the patient had several episodes of haematemesis and malaena, with the patient's haemoglobin repeatedly dropping despite transfusion.