Malagasy language

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Malagasy language:

see Malayo-Polynesian languagesMalayo-Polynesian languages
, sometimes also called Austronesian languages
, family of languages estimated at from 300 to 500 tongues and understood by approximately 300 million people in Madagascar; the Malay Peninsula; Indonesia and New Guinea; the Philippines;
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Professor Jones has a long connection with Madagascar, living there for five years, and when she first went 20 years ago it soon became evident she needed to learn the Malagasy language.
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For this reason his poetry was based upon syntactical structures of the Malagasy language rather than those of France, which informed his poems with a completely different tone that gave us startling, new imagery that were original and innovative.
For example, both the genes and the Malagasy language of Madagascar have roots in the Barito region of Borneo.
Chapter one outlines the historiographical context and sets the historical background for the study of the nineteenth-century vernacular imperialism and the emergence of Malagasy language with which most ex-slaves of the Mascarene and Comoros islands and dispersed Christian missionaries of Madagascar identified themselves.