Electric Catfish

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Electric Catfish


(Molapterurus electricus), a fish of the suborder Siluroidea. The fish measures 20 cm to 65 cm in length, sometimes reaching 1 m. It lacks a dorsal fin but has an adipose fin. The ventral fins are located in the middle of the body; the pectoral fins are without spines. There are three pairs of whiskers. The eyes are small and glow in the dark. The gill slits are very narrow and the palatine teeth are absent. The fish are equipped with electric organs.

The electric catfish, a slow-moving fish, is omnivorous. Its reproductive process has not been studied thoroughly. The fish inhabits the Nile and certain other rivers in tropical Africa and is also bred in aquariums. The flesh of the electric catfish is edible.


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A total of 45 specimens comprising of five species, Malapterurus electricus, Synodontis clarias, Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus, Clarias gariepinus and Sarotherodon melanotheron from lekki lagoon were randomly selected and purchased from fish mongers.