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, Turk. Malazgirt, village, E Turkey, SE of Erzurum. It was an important town of ancient Armenia. A council held there in A.D. 726 reasserted the independence of the Armenian Church from the Orthodox Eastern Church.
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"I hope no one will try to test Turkey's determination to clear its Syrian borders of terrorists," Erdogan stated, speaking at an event in the Eastern city of Mus to mark the 948th anniversary of Battle of Malazgirt, Anadolu news agency reported.
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President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an delivered a speech at the Conquest of Anatolia - Manzikert 1071 Ceremony held to mark the 947th anniversary of the Victory of Manzikert (Malazgirt).
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When the Armenians fled the Byzantine oppression and first came to Anatolia after the victory of Malazgirt in 1071, the Ottomans welcomed and provided them every means to live freely as Ottoman citizens and treated them as equals.
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Some of these structures include Agri Fault, Bulanik Fault, Caldiran Fault, Ercis, Fault, Horasan Fault, Igdir Fault, Malazgirt Fault, Suphan Fault, Balikligolu Fault Zone, Baskale Fault, Cobandede Fault Zone, Dumlu Fault Zone, Hasan Timur Fault Zone, Kavakbasi Fault, Kagizman Fault Zone, Dogubayazit Fault Zone, Karayazi Fault, Tutak Fault Zone, Yuksekova-Cemdinli Fault Zone and the Northeast Anatolian Fault Zone (Fig.
Intense collaboration was achieved between Yildirim's mining team and the already existing mechanized mining contractor at Voskhod," said Alp Malazgirt, CEO of YILMADEN Holding.
Meanwhile, the commander of security in Malazgirt town in the city of Mus Major Arslan Kulaksiz was injured after an armed attack and was transferred to government hospital in the town.