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, Turk. Malazgirt, village, E Turkey, SE of Erzurum. It was an important town of ancient Armenia. A council held there in A.D. 726 reasserted the independence of the Armenian Church from the Orthodox Eastern Church.
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Arslan Kulaksyz, the Malazgirt gendarmerie commander in MuE- province who was assassinated, on July 27: "He warned all his personnel a few days ago about not going out alone.
Meanwhile, the commander of security in Malazgirt town in the city of Mus Major Arslan Kulaksiz was injured after an armed attack and was transferred to government hospital in the town.
Arslan marched quickly with about 15,000 soldiers and reached Manzikert (modern Malazgirt in the eastern province of Mus in Turkey) on the Murat river, north of Lake Van.
One of the highlights of Sunday's card is the President of the UAE Cup Malazgirt for Purebred Arabians.
Alp Malazgirt, CEO Mining and Metals, Yildirim Group , Turkey
However, the biggest cheer of this two-day affair was reserved for the final event, the $255,000 Malazgirt Trophy, one of two arab races in which local legend Halis Karatas drove home domestic star Turbo to ensure at least one of the six international races stayed at home.
Faruk Sumer and Ali Sevim, Islam kaynaklarina gore Malazgirt savasi (Ankara, 1971)--although some of their translations are "more like paraphrases" and difficult or obscure passages have been glossed over.
Anadolu Selcuklu Sanatinda Cift Basli Kartal ve Avci Kuslar, Malazgirt Armagani, Ankara (2nd Edition), pp.
Alp Malazgirt to vice president, foundry logistics, and Paul Poenisch to director, technical development.
On July 27, the gendarmerie commander of Malazgirt district of MuE- province, Maj.