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Fraser, Malcolm

(John Malcolm Fraser), 1930–2015, Australian political leader and prime minister (1975–83). A graduate of Oxford (1952), he entered the Australian parliament as a Liberal member in 1955. Under a Liberal–National Country coalition he held a number of cabinet positions, serving as minister of the army (1966–68), education and science (1968–69), and defense (1969–71). He became leader of the coalition in 1975 in oppostion, and prime minister after the Labor government of Gough WhitlamWhitlam, Gough
, 1916–2014, Australian political leader. Edward Gough Whitlam studied law and entered practice near Sydney after serving in World War II. A member of the Labour party, he was elected to Parliament in 1952 and rose in party circles.
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 was dismissed. Fraser's generally conservative policies included cutting government spending and taxes, discouraging higher wages, increasing defense spending, and promoting a stronger ANZUS alliance, but he also supported policies that aided indigenous Australians and immigrants. He was reelected in 1977 and 1980, retiring after the 1983 victory of the Labor party under Bob HawkeHawke, Bob
(Robert James Lee Hawke), 1929–, Australian statesman. A Rhodes scholar at Oxford, he gained a reputation as a skillful labor mediator during his tenure at the Australian Council of Trade Unions, of which he eventually became president.
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Malcolm Fraser landed six while Mr Harvey caught five.
The current committee was involved in the naming of Malcolm Fraser Bridge and the suburbs of Strathnairn and Macnamara, as well as streets within the new suburbs of Gungahlin and Molonglo Valley, including Throsby, Moncrieff and Denman Prospect , Minister Gentleman said.
Rebel spokesman Malcolm Fraser said: "We feel justice hasn't been done.
The only person that comes to mind is Malcolm Fraser because he unfortunately passed away just when we were starting the process of inviting guests to participate.
Peter Young, Greg Lake, Khadim, Tahira, Malcolm Fraser
In 1983 Liberal Party Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser called a double dissolution in which he lost power to the Labor Party, led by Bob Hawke.
Leaders like Garfield Barwick, Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam in the beginning, followed by Phillip Toyne, Peter Garrett and Don Henry.
I argue that the crucial moment in the foundation of modern political news management occurred during the terms of the governments of Malcolm Fraser (1975-83) and Bob Hawke (1983-91).
On the day Hawke became party leader, Malcolm Fraser, the Conservative prime minister, called a snap election, hoping to capitalize on Labor's feuding.
30am in the People's Club lounge, where John Shearon, El President of the Ruleteros Society, will speak about Frank Boundy and Malcolm Fraser, founders of CD Everton Chile who returned to Britain to enlist and sadly died on the Somme.
Spared from the partisan reaction of the crowd was former Liberal PM Malcolm Fraser who succeeded Mr Whitlam in 1975.
Kerr, notorious not just for his predilection for drink but also for his close connections with the intelligence community -- and, at least by proxy, their British and American counterparts -- swore in opposition leader Malcolm Fraser as prime minister, and the latter put his signature to documents seeking a fresh election before clear-cut votes of no-confidence and censure in the House of Representatives, where Labor had a clear majority.