Malcolm Scott Carpenter

Carpenter, Malcolm Scott


Born May 1, 1925, in Boulder, Colo. US pilot and astronaut. Navy lieutenant commander.

In 1949 Carpenter graduated from the University of Colorado(with a major in aviation technology). After graduating from thenavy’s test-pilot school (1954), he worked in the electronic sys-tems department of the navy’s aviation test center. From 1959he was in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’sgroup of astronauts. On May 24, 1962, he completed a five-hourflight around the earth (three orbits) in the Mercury spaceship(MA-7, also called Aurora 7).

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Malcolm Scott Carpenter was born May 1, 1925, in Boulder, Colo.
His given name was Malcolm Scott Carpenter but he used Scott as a first name.
1962: Malcolm Scott Carpenter, the second American in space, was lost for an hour, after over-shooting the landing site by 250 miles.