Maliarov, Dmitrii

Maliarov, Dmitrii Evgen’evich


Born June 20 (July 3), 1903, in the village of Lysovo (now Łysów, Poland); died Feb. 16, 1942, in Leningrad. Soviet engineer; specialist in electrovacuum instrument-making.

In 1921, Maliarov began working at the Nizhny Novgorod Radio Laboratory, and in 1929 at the Central Radio Laboratory in Leningrad. In 1935 he began working at a research institute in Leningrad. In 1936-37 he worked under M. A. BonchBruevich and, together with N. F. Alekseev, built the first multiresonator high-power centimeter magnetrons. Maliarov also developed a number of electrovacuum devices, including a type of point-source gas-discharge modulated infrared lamp and a helium discharge-tube rectifier and built several high-speed vacuum contacts.


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