Malkhasiants, Stefan

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Malkhasiants, Stefan Sarkisovich


Born Oct. 25 (Nov. 6), 1857, in Akhaltsikhe, present-day Akhaltsikhe Raion, Georgian SSR; died July 21,1947, in Yerevan. Soviet philologist. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Armenian SSR (1943).

Malkhasiants graduated from St. Petersburg University in 1889. He published historical linguistic and textual studies of the works of the ancient Armenian historians Pavstos Buzand (fifth century), Movses Khorenatsi (late fifth-early sixth centuries), and Sebeos (seventh century). As a linguist, Malkhasiants is known for his works on the grammar and syntax of Old Armenian and for a series of articles on the structural development of the Armenian language. He compiled the four-volume Explanatory Dictionary of the Armenian Language (1944-45; State Prize of the USSR, 1946), which comprises the vocabulary of the Old, Middle, and Modern Armenian literary languages, including dialects. Malkhasiants published a translation and critical edition of the texts of Movses Khorenatsi, Pavstos Buzand, the book The Use of Medicine by the Armenian physician Amirdovlat Amasnatsi (15th century), and the book Dzhambr by the historian Simeon Erevantsi (18th century).


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