Malmgren Finn

Malmgren Finn


Born Feb. 9, 1895, in Goteborg; died June 12, 1928, in the Arctic Ocean. Swedish geophysicist and arctic explorer.

Upon graduation from the University of Uppsala in 1917, Malmgren became a meteorologist and later head of the Pårtetjåkko mountain station in northern Sweden. He worked at the meteorological observatory in Uppsala and was an associate of the Swedish Hydrographic Commission.

Malmgren took part in several oceanographic expeditions in the Baltic Sea. In 1922-25 he was a member of the Norwegian arctic expedition on the ship Maud and in 1926 he took part in R. Amundsen’s transarctic expedition in the dirigible Norge. In 1928, Malmgren went with U. Nobile’s arctic expedition in the dirigible Italia; he died while attempting to make his way on drifting ice to Spitsbergen from the place where the dirigible crashed. Malmgren greatly contributed to the study of the physical and chemical properties of sea ice.


On the Properties of Sea Ice. Uppsala, 1927.
In Russian translation:
O svoistvakh morskogo l’da. Leningrad, 1930.


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