Malta fever

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Malta fever:

see brucellosisbrucellosis
or Bang's disease,
infectious disease of farm animals that is sometimes transmitted to humans. In humans the disease is also known as undulant fever, Mediterranean fever, or Malta fever.
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Malta fever

[′mȯl·tə ′fē·vər]
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A goat was brought to the school's courtyard to shed light on the transmission of Malta fever. The idea behind the levity was to bring attention to the facts about the disease, rather than stigmatizing the illnesses or creating any sort of fear mongering.
The other diseases targeted include brucellosis in sheep and goats from Southern Member States, which causes Malta fever in humans.
Editorial Note: Brucellosis (also termed undulant, Mediterranean, or Malta fever) is a febrile illness caused by several species of bacteria of the genus Brucella [paragraph].

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