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Olfactory persistence descriptor--The samples described as having higher olfactory persistence were richer than their paired samples in trans, czs-whisky lactone, maltol, eugenol and vanillin.
In addition, most of them are relatively high-boiling: vanillin, whisky-lactones and maltol, which explain their retro-nasal persistency.
On the other hand, the amount of maltol in Chungukjang was nearly 3 times higher than in Doenjang.
Deferiprone is a bidentate iron ligand (ie, per molecule, it has 2 donor atoms capable of binding with iron) designed to mimic the naturally occurring chelators mimosine, tropolone, and maltol.
The LC Taste[TM] user can recognize key flavouring substances such as vanillin, maltol and Furaneol[TM], as well as substances such as bittering agents, amino acids/peptides, sucrose, flavor enhancers, sugar and capsaicinoids.
for a food preservative called sodium erythorbate, and to allocate customers and territories for a flavoring agent called maltol.
Vanillin: Characteristic of vanilla with maltol components.
The study is evaluating Feraccru (ferric maltol, 30mg bd) compared to placebo in the treatment of IDA in patients with non-dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
Odor detection thresholds for the flavor compounds vanillin and maltol were approximately five- and three-fold lower, respectively, in the deamidated samples compared with the control soymilks.
Neuronal cytoskeletal lesions induced in the CNS by intraventricular and intravenous aluminium maltol in rabbits.
In recent years a number of studies have appeared which suggest potential use of kojic acid and its analogs such as maltol and hydroxyl pyridinones and their metal complexes for a variety of medical applications.