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a health resort in Rumania noted for its therapeutic mud and climate. It is situated on the Black Sea, in Constanta District, near the city of Constanţa. Mamaia has very warm summers (average July temperature, 23°C) and mild winters (average January temperature, 2°C). The annual precipitation is 400 mm.

The basic therapeutic remedies at Mamaia are sea bathing (from mid-June to late September) and saltwater baths. There is a broad beach of fine sand. Also available are pelotherapy (using mud from Lake Techirghiol) and grape cure (ampelotherapy). Treatment is offered to those suffering from ailments of the upper respiratory tract, the organs of motion and support, and the nervous system, as well as to those suffering from anemia.

Extensive development of Mamaia was undertaken in 1958. There are several large health resort complexes, including one with accommodations for 10,000 guests (the Carpaji, 1960-62, architect L. Stadeker and others) and another for 1,500 guests (1967, architect J. Reinald). These resorts have recreation areas, shopping areas, hotels, and restaurants. The hotels include the Park (1962, architect V. Constantinescu) and the Perla (1962, architect M. Laurian). Mamaia has sports facilities, a summer theater, and a shopping area (1963, designed by A. Solari-Grim-berg and M. Laurian).


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The youngest detainees seemed to see me as some sort of supernatural wise man I soon learned that I was a high priest of the Mamaia (19) and the story of the murder [of my fiancee] was a cover-up for an occult ceremony, to the glory of the god 'Oro.
The woman broadcaster can be seen doing a piece to camera in the resort town of Mamaia, Constanta County, in south-eastern Romania, while in the corner of the frame the unidentified woman can be seen leaning over to snort something form out the hands of her friend.
As Vladimir Colin wrote in 1962 of Romania, "Within the next few years the 50-km distance between Mamaia and Mangalia will be covered by an uninterrupted chain of constructions, adding up to what will really amount to a single resort, a huge, winding City of the Sun, dedicated on the shore of the sea to Man." (109) The optimism of the early 1960s around building communism was tied to a dramatic and rapid change in the built environment.
(1) Department of Plasma Physics, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering, Ovidius University, Mamaia 124, 900527 Constanza, Romania
Israeli tourists visiting the Romanian beach resort of Mamaia, considered one of the hottest new destinations for Israelis on the Black Sea, are being singled out as Israeli by purple bracelets they are asked to wear.
Modern resorts, such as Mamaia, Eforie Nord and Saturn, are all accessible.
(2003), "The sale-purchase contract of land in the Mamaia resort with a construction clause.
Romania seems to have focused its tourism SMEs activity towards several niches: rural tourism, agro-tourism and entertainment tourism (in incipient phases, at the Black Sea Mamaia Resort especially).
--Sorin Rugina, MD, PhD, Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases Constanta; Department of Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Medicine, Ovidius University of Constanta, 124 Mamaia Boulevard, Constanta, Romania
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The only time when this specific training was lacking was between 14 to 23 August 2013, when the team was in training camp in Mamaia, Constanta, with no possibility of creating appropriate organizational conditions these types of drive means.