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a health resort in Rumania noted for its therapeutic mud and climate. It is situated on the Black Sea, in Constanta District, near the city of Constanţa. Mamaia has very warm summers (average July temperature, 23°C) and mild winters (average January temperature, 2°C). The annual precipitation is 400 mm.

The basic therapeutic remedies at Mamaia are sea bathing (from mid-June to late September) and saltwater baths. There is a broad beach of fine sand. Also available are pelotherapy (using mud from Lake Techirghiol) and grape cure (ampelotherapy). Treatment is offered to those suffering from ailments of the upper respiratory tract, the organs of motion and support, and the nervous system, as well as to those suffering from anemia.

Extensive development of Mamaia was undertaken in 1958. There are several large health resort complexes, including one with accommodations for 10,000 guests (the Carpaji, 1960-62, architect L. Stadeker and others) and another for 1,500 guests (1967, architect J. Reinald). These resorts have recreation areas, shopping areas, hotels, and restaurants. The hotels include the Park (1962, architect V. Constantinescu) and the Perla (1962, architect M. Laurian). Mamaia has sports facilities, a summer theater, and a shopping area (1963, designed by A. Solari-Grim-berg and M. Laurian).


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