Mamed Mamediarov

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Mamed’iarov, Mamed


Born July 1875, in the village of Mashtagi, now under the jurisdiction of the Baku City Soviet; died Mar. 23, 1933, in Baku. Participant in the revolutionary movement in Azerbaijan. Member of the Communist Party from 1902. Son of a stonemason.

Mamed’iarov became a worker in the oil fields in 1890. In the late 1890’s he joined the revolutionary movement. He helped found the Social Democratic group Gummet. Mamed’iarov was one of the organizers of the Baku strikes in 1903-05; he was also a member of the Baku Soviet. In 1907 he became a member of the Baku Committee of the RSDLP. In February 1917 he was a member of the presidium of the Baku Soviet. In 1918 he served as the deputy provincial commissar of the Baku Council of People’s Commissars and took part in battles with the German and Turkish interventionists and the Musavatists. From 1922 to 1927, Mamed’iarov served as people’s commissar of social security of the Azerbaijan SSR. He later held important economic positions. Mamed’iarov was a delegate to the Tenth Congress of the RCP (B) in 1921. He also served as a member of the presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the Azerbaijan SSR.


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