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see MamlukMamluk
or Mameluke
[Arab.,=slaves], a warrior caste dominant in Egypt and influential in the Middle East for over 700 years. Islamic rulers created this warrior caste by collecting non-Muslim slave boys and training them as cavalry soldiers especially loyal to their
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He was murdered by his army commander in chief, a Mameluke, who was thought to be loyal.
His essay is a response to an Egyptian-set 1913 novel, The Lost Mameluke, by David M Beddoe.
Summary: The Old City of Tripoli contains magnificent specimens of Mameluke architecture, which have lasted for centuries.
For the next 1,300 years, a succession of Arab, Mameluke, and Ottoman caliphs, beys, and sultans ruled the country.
To this day, all US Marine Corps officers carry a sword patterned on the Mameluke Sword presented to the 1805 Marines by the Ottoman Viceroy as a gesture of respect.
OUR recent sale on October 1 brought in some interesting items, as with this Mameluke sword which had been passed down in the family and we were lucky enough to have the privilege of selling.
A stone plaque on the wall says the bathhouse was last renovated in the 13th century during the Mameluke empire that ruled from Cairo.
Most of its numerous monuments were in an advanced state of disintegration, a process accelerated by the Khedive's practice of using the Mameluke tombs as targets for artillery practice, a modern army being a current enthusiasm.
He arrived in Cairo, the capital of Mameluke, and at first sight he had a marvelous impression of magnificence.
They knew that if there were several false starts Mameluke would boil over.