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Abnormal enlargement of the mammary glands in the male.



excessive unilateral or bilateral enlargement of the mammary glands in males, so that they sometimes resemble female glands. Temporary, mild gynecomastia often occurs in adolescent males. Pronounced gynecomastia is one of the symptoms of primary diseases of the endocrine glands, especially the gonads. Patients develop secondary female sex characteristics (feminine pelvis, hips, and voice), lose facial hair, and suffer sexual disturbances. Gynecomastia can also develop in cases of liver diseases (cirrhosis), because of disturbances in estrogen metabolism. Treatment involves elimination of the main disease and sometimes surgery.

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If it is not linked directly to this news release then you can also find the Man Boob Lifter video linked from the home page of bodyoars.
POPULAR More men are going under the knife to reduce their man boobs PECS FACTOR Simon Cowell was showing off his man boobs in Nice, France last week
In my mind, these risks far outweigh the concern I have for man boobs.
One shows a pint glass made to look like a bloated torso with a bulging stomach and droopy man boobs and asks: "Are you drinking to excess?
A woman from China has forced her boyfriend to have a breast-reduction because his man boobs made hers look Mat.
MORE and more men are getting something off their chest - their man boobs.
The other place is the tummy, and they also have their man boobs done.
Is there really a channel called Man Boobs International?
Moobs: They're on their way out, according to latest figures, which show that men are increasingly turning to surgery to get rid of their flabby man boobs.
But the most disturbing sight of the week was David Van Day's man boobs and huge belly, as displayed far too often and in close-up detail on Living's Pop Goes The Band.
Other key findings included: - Nearly 40% of women were repulsed by terrible teeth - After teeth, greasy hair - with 20% - is the thing most likely to put a girl off lip contact - 14% of women survey stated mono brows would be enough to put them off - Man boobs came in at 12% - 5% of women would be turned off by bad aftershave and.
AS Arcadia boss Sir Philip Green toasted his saggy man boobs in the Mexican sun at his 60th birthday bash, it must have made his hairy nipples tingle with pride to gaze on his famous mates like Naomi Campbell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin and Ronnie Wood.