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user interface

[′yü·zər ′in·tər‚fās]
(computer science)
The point at which a user or a user department or organization interacts with a computer system.
The part of an interactive computer program that sends messages to and receives instructions from a terminal user.

user interface

(UI) The aspects of a computer system or program which can be seen (or heard or otherwise perceived) by the human user, and the commands and mechanisms the user uses to control its operation and input data.

A graphical user interface emphasises the use of pictures for output and a pointing device such as a mouse for input and control whereas a command line interface requires the user to type textual commands and input at a keyboard and produces a single stream of text as output.

A user interface contrasts with, but is typically built on top of, an Application Program Interface (API).

See also user interface copyright.

user interface

The way a person interacts and commands a computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic device. The user interface (UI) comprises the screen menus and icons, keyboard shortcuts, mouse and gesture movements, command language and online help, as well as physical buttons, dials and levers. Also included are the physical components, such as the mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, remote and game controllers.

Command Line vs. GUI
The user interface in the earliest computers comprised buttons and dials. Although the first personal computers had screens, the computer was operated by typing text commands. Starting with the Mac in 1984 and Windows 3.0 in 1990, the mouse-oriented graphical user interface (GUI) emerged, which simulates a desktop environment. See GUI and desktop environment.

The Bar Was Set Low
The user interface is the most important, yet least-understood area in the tech industry. Every application has only a handful of basic functions that users need all the time, yet they are often buried in different submenus that are not intuitive. Worse yet, once bad examples are set by major vendors, others follow like sheep. Since popular applications are often hard to learn, users have come to expect that using software has to be difficult, when in fact, it could be downright simple if educated designers were involved. One glimmer of light was the advent of the smartphone. Its small screen forces designers to think more about usability, but not always. Smartphone apps can be just as obtuse to use as desktop apps. See good user interface and first-time user menu.

Users Are Reluctant to Change
Because of the steep learning curves people have to endure, many are disinclined to change applications. While the software industry constantly touts "productivity gains" for every new product, the lost hours figuring out how to do something, combined with the gun-shy reluctance to actually try a different product that might really be an improvement often impede productivity.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Voice and natural language input and verbal output are increasingly standard components of the user interface, and they can be an enormous help. However, recognizing human speech and delivering the proper action is a daunting computational task. Sometimes the results people get are fraught with errors and downright laughable. Nevertheless, improvements are expected every year in this arena (see virtual assistant). See RTFM, user experience, naming fiascos, Freedman's law, flat UI, Web rage, HCI and HMI.

It Can Change World History
The Florida recount in the 2000 U.S. presidential election kept the country in limbo for weeks. The confusing punch card ballot in Palm Beach County gave Pat Buchanan two thousand votes that very likely should have gone to Al Gore.

Give Us A Break!
Our dazzling HDTVs do not prevent dopey button naming. This family's salvation was to attach labels on their remote control.

Read the Manual (RTFM)
Was there a contest for how ridiculous one could name the folders (right column) in this camera's memory card? Is something wrong with names such as Still, Movie, Audio, and Email?

Keep the Elevator Door Open
The big red button that catches your eye in this building elevator is for an exceedingly rare emergency. Wouldn't "Big Red" be better as a "Door Open" button? People always scramble to stop the door from closing on someone.

A Century of Experience Didn't Help
With a combined 99 years of audio experience, Alan Freedman, author of this encyclopedia (right) and his colleague Pete Hermsen, who built a radio at age eight, struggled in vain to balance the speakers on Freedman's new receiver. The manual was worthless (see RTFM).

No Kidding
After changing a password on a website, this user-friendly message appeared. Translated: "we don't have a clue how our software got you here!"

Do We Really Need This Message Number?
The last two sentences in this message are sufficient. Why does anyone need an error message in hexadecimal? However, now and then, Microsoft has led the pack with really superior designs (see good user interface).

I Thought My Phone Was a Note II
OK, once in a while you need the model number, but why not identify the device by its common name too? In later models, Samsung woke up and displayed a real name.

This popped up on an old Android phone. Why didn't it just say 4,741 days and 16 hours and make it easy to update our calendar!!!

Da Fup What??
How about this popping up on your Android phone. Doesn't every user know this means a Device Association Framework Universal Plug and Play provider is trying to connect? Of course. See Device Association Framework.

OK. Bad Formula. But Where?
This spreadsheet explains the type of error but never states which cells are the problem. In other words "you goofed somewhere but we're not gonna tell you where."

Remotes Are No Exception
Remote control designs are all over the place. Even the volume and channel buttons can be anywhere (red arrows point to Volume Up).

Touch Typist Torment
Any touch typist not noticing that the Up Arrow key was in the Right Shift key location would quickly return this laptop. Hopefully, there is no restocking fee.

Ya Gotta Be Kidding
Let's look at the list of error messages and find the "Some" error!

Not high-tech but so idiotic we had to include it. These "informative" instructions were on a popular charcoal grill in 2015.

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The RF-5800V-MP is designed with a common digital platform, man-machine interface, and accessories that reduce logistic and training costs.
BAE SYSTEMS Platform Solutions, part of BAE SYSTEMS North America, is a leading global supplier of integrated electronic control products, subsystems, and man-machine interface systems for air, space, sea, and ground vehicles.
Under this configuration, two RGB/View 600 processors are installed inside the Systems Tracker Radar Console, one for each display, to provide a sophisticated, graphically oriented man-machine interface for optronic and radar tracking and integrated ballistic weapons control.
"The man-machine interface is one of the most impressive features of the system," he notes, adding that "the overall control is eloquent in its performance, a powerful voice that speaks to all the other elements and makes them function as one."
Baldor used this feature to divide the transfer-and-cartoning process into five separate tasks: start paddles; stop paddles (for rejects); feed feedchain; lower lowerator; and manage the man-machine interface. These software tasks were then worked on, in parallel, by several application engineers, allowing a software prototype to be written and trialed in less than a Week.
The 2399 portable spectrum analyzer is supplied with a floppy disk drive and an extremely user friendly man-machine interface that reduces operator error.
All products are integrated into a unique common platform, which utilizes a common database, man-machine interface and utilities, allowing clients to cost effectively expand their functionality.
This user friendly system which is equipped with a 14[inches] flat color touch screen is designed to improve the man-machine interface. Programming software allows advanced programming for nesting and common line cutting.
Also ask if the system needs a proprietary man-machine interface (MMI) on every monitoring box.
Following that was success in the "Los Angeles Design Challenge" the following year, a challenge that focused on the future of the man-machine interface in which Sahs received an award in the "Audience Choice" category.
Saft said that under the contract it will development and manufacture more than 40 000 Li-ion battery systems,to provide the energy which will power the FELIN infrared night vision equipment; the infrared binoculars; the radio systems; man-machine interface equipment; the GPS; and the osteophonic systems.
The new working groupwill focus on analyzing Ocrew actions and reactions during the last three phases of AF flight 447 described in the third interim report, particularly in relation to the stall warning, cockpit ergonomics, and man-machine interface,O BEA said.