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(bē`tôlə), formerly


city (1994 pop. 86,176), S North Macedonia. It is a commercial and industrial center for the surrounding agricultural area. Bitola was a major agricultural center in Roman times. Later settled by Slavs, it became a bishopric in the 11th cent. In 1395 the Turks conquered Bitola, which became an important military and commercial center in the 15th and 16th cent. The city suffered much damage during the Balkan Wars (during which the Serbs took it from the Turks) and in World War I. Bitola is noted for its numerous mosques, churches, and a former Turkish market.
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(Macedonian; Serbo-Croatian, Bitolj; among the Turks, Monastir), a city in Yugoslavia in southwestern Macedonia, in the Bitolj-Prilep mountain valley. Population, 55,000 (1965). It is a transportation junction. Its major industries are metal works; textiles, mostly cotton and silk; leather, food, and tobacco enterprises; and rug weaving.

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, Bitola
a city in SW Macedonia: under Turkish rule from 1382 until 1913 when it was taken by the Serbs. Pop.: 77 000 (2005 est.)
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Manastir (Most probably Trabzon), Samsun (Darilmaz and Kiyak, 2009; Incekara et al., 2009).
SCRAMBLE Children are among those helped through windows on to a train packed with refugees at the station in Beli Manastir, in eastern Croatia.
And we'll keep doing it," Milanovic told reporters in the northeastern town of Beli Manastir, from where many of the buses and several trains left on Friday for the short trip to Hungary.
WHERE TO STAY The Manastir Hotel in Bodrum has rooms from 240 lira (PS63) a night.
23 5 (St.8) Sarande Manastir_May 60 85 (St.8) Sarande Manastir July 44 20 (St.8) Sarande Manastir_Sept.
However, Ataturk's first real immersion into the products of the reform period was to come when he attended military preparatory school at Manastir (Bitola).
Popovska and other officials praised the hotel Manastir in Berovo, which is doubtlessly an example of a good investment that keeps the authentic spirit of the region of Malesevo alive through a blend of the modern with the traditional.
He further argues that since the governors in office at the time when these complaints were compiled were not present in Manastir, but on campaigns, or on their way to their post and detained by extraordinary circumstances, most probably the deputy governor in Manastir kept the register for the purpose of reporting the incidents to his superior when the governor returned to his post (p.
Material examined.--BULGARIA: 2 juveniles, Rilski manastir monastery [42[degrees]07'N, 23[degrees]20'E], 4 August 2005, M.
1331 yilinda Iznik'teki bir manastir, medreseye tebdil olunarak Osmanli'nin ilk medresesi acilmistir.