Black Poplar

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Black Poplar


(Populus nigra), a dioecious, deciduous tree of the family Salicaceae. It is up to 30 m tall and has a diameter of up to 2 m. The crown is broad and heavily branched. The leaves are ovate-rhomboid or broadly deltoid. The flowers, which are in catkins, appear before the leaves. The black poplar is found in Eurasia, mainly in temperate regions. In the USSR it grows in the European part (except the north), the Caucasus, Middle Asia, and Southern Siberia (to the Enisei). It is found on the fioodplains of large rivers, along lakes, and in dried up riverbeds. In countries of the temperate zone, the black poplar is cultivated in orchards and parks. It is also planted to reinforce riverbanks and to protect fields. The timber is used in the production of cellulose, in construction, and for packing.


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black poplar

symbol of bravery. [Plant Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 176]
See: Bravery
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