Mukden Incident

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Mukden Incident:

see Manchurian IncidentManchurian Incident
or Mukden Incident,
1931, confrontation that gave Japan the impetus to set up a puppet government in Manchuria. After the Russo-Japanese War (1904–5), Japan replaced Russia as the dominant foreign power in S Manchuria.
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The story proceeds in a generally chronological fashion starting with foreign policy and diplomacy during WWI, continuing with the debates surrounding the creation of the League of Nations Covenant and Japan's League activities in the 1920s, climaxing with the Manchurian Crisis of 1931-1933, and concluding with Japan's post-1933 efforts at international cooperation.
From this basis, over the next three decades, Japan built up a massive trading and railway empire in Manchuria, although it did not seize full political control until the Manchurian crisis of 1931.