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see MandaeansMandaeans
or Mandeans
, a small religious sect who maintain an ancient belief resembling that of Gnosticism and that of the Parsis. They are also known as Christians of St. John, Nasoraeans, Sabians, and Subbi.
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Baptism in rivers is essential to the Mandean religion; the nearest one, the Jordan River, is a two-hour drive away, and Daftar doesn't own a car.
Their frustration may have lent an "added impetus to their founding of missions in Georgia, and among the Mandeans of Basra" (245).
Norres was one of a group of 23 Mandeans who, in October 2001, boarded a boat to Australia which came to be known as SIEV X.
The Jews, the ancient Zoroastrians (sometimes known as "magi" three of whom visited the Christ Child), the Mandeans (who follow John the Baptist), the Bahai, the angel-worshipping Yazidis, and other, smaller groups--all have joined the exodus, and for the same reasons.
Acts 19:1-7 may give us a clue to this unique treatment on John by Luke since a John the Baptist cult does not recognize Jesus, perhaps similar to the Mandeans.
Unfortunate and shameful, as Arab Christians have been as much a fabric of the combined heritage of the Middle East as have Jews, Muslims, Druze and Mandeans.
She and her family are Mandeans, followers of John the Baptist.
Of the estimated 60,000 Mandeans in Iraq in the 1990s, only about 5,000 remain.