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, volcanic islands (6 sq mi/15.5 sq km; 2002 pop. 1,097), South Pacific, near the southeast end of the Tuamotu Archipelago. The group is a part of French Polynesia. It comprises a cluster of four inhabited islands known as Mangareva and many uninhabited atolls.
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Influence of grafter skill and season on cultured pearl shape, circles and rejects in Pinctada margaritifera aquaculture in Mangareva lagoon.
The archaeological record of pig suggests that it was extirpated on several islands in the late prehistoric/early historical era, notably Tikopia, Mangareva, Mangaia and Aitutaki.
The archaeological record of Mangareva initially suggested that pigs were extirpated by the fifteenth century AD, with subsequent work indicating that Sus was present into the latter part of the seventeenth century AD (Green & Weisler 2004; Hiroa 1938: 195).
On Mangareva, pig may have gone extinct prior to the eighteenth century and replenishment would have been difficult given the distance from the Society Islands, and evidence that long-distance voyaging declined after AD 1500 (Green & Weisler 2004).
The width of parrotfish lower pharyngeals were measured from five late prehistoric habitation sites on Temoe Atoll, Mangareva to estimate changes in live fish weight (Weisler 2004:81).
Air Tahiti Nui announced today that it will inaugurate 2 flights weekly to its newest destination, Paris, on May 6 with its brand new Airbus 340-300 the Mangareva.
Allen (2004) offers several reasons why earlier settlement sites might be forthcoming: 1) the largest and best well-watered Marquesan valleys have not been well studied; the known early sites occur in locations that are less than ideal for establishing secure agro-economies (see also Weisler 1996 on Mangareva); 2) the artefact assemblages associated with known early sites indicate familiarity with distant off-island resources; 3) early settlements reliant on vulnerable fauna may have been short-lived, and by extension difficult to detect; and lastly 4) 13th century migrations out of the Marquesas to Mangareva (Weisler 1998; Weisler and Green 2001) and possibly elsewhere, are more consistent with reaching a resource threshold (e.
Kirch (2006) Archaeological Investigations in the Mangareva Islands (Gambier Archipelago), French Polynesia.
Keywords: colonization, Mangareva, fishhooks, extinctions
Mangareva was therefore critically situated along the chain of islands possibly followed by early Polynesian voyagers as they explored the southeastern Pacific towards Easter Island.
KEYWORDS: Animal introductions, extinction, faunal analysis, Polynesia, Mangareva
We suggest that rats, and not human predation, were responsible for the early local extinction of the chicken in the prehistoric sequence for Mangareva.