Manifest Dream

Manifest Dream (or Manifest Dream Content)


Manifest dream is Sigmund Freud‘s expression for the dream as it is dreamed, remembered, and reported, prior to any analysis. The psychoanalytical view is that the true significance of the dream is disguised by the manifest dream content. The goal of psychoanalysis with respect to dreams is to uncover their real meaning, expressed in what Freud called the latent dream.

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Their topics include teaching dream interviewing for clinical practice, empirical research and clinical implications of the continuity between waking and dreaming, dream incubating: targeting dreaming to focus on particular issues, finding gender differences in dream reports, dreams as thinking in a different biochemical state, the manifest dream report and clinical change, post-traumatic nightmares from scientific evidence to clinical significance, emerging concepts in nightmare therapy from sleep medicine, positive aspects of the classic nightmare, cross-cultural aspects of extraordinary dreams, and lucid dreaming: metaconsciousness during paradoxical sleep.
In 1916-1917, he clarified that when mentioning a dream, we must refer either to 'the manifest dream--that is, the product of the dream-work--or, at most, the dream-work itself as well--that is, the psychical process which forms the manifest dream out of the latent dream-thoughts' (p 223).
The source and the contents of the manifest dream material were put forward to two independent interpreters who after deep consideration interpreted dreams in tandem.
As the manifest dream of a pioneering architect, built from fees earned during the design and construction of his famous Soviet clubhouses, it remained his dream home throughout his life.
Differences in the manifest dream content of Anglo-American, Mexican American, and African American college women.
To date, only a few studies have systematically evaluated the manifest dream content of schizophrenic patients.
Affect of course may be different or absent in the manifest dream though present in the latent content.
One senses that the two contents - truth and material - are related in his view the way latent and manifest dream contents are in Freud's theory of dreams.
It is not the significance of the manifest dream per se but the greater signification of the "hidden and disguised" content latent in the dream experience that matters.
The significance of a dream may be revealed only after one has understood the dramatic use of the symbolism of the dream, the condensation of the material, the displacement of the conventional meaning of a symbol or utterance, or even a displacement of the "center" of the dream-thoughts; that is, the manifest dream may center on a matter removed from the central concern of the latent dream.
The manifest dream in psychoanalysis: A clarification.
They're all about giving dykes the means to manifest dreams, while promoting the success of gay women in entertainment, the arts and media.