Manikovskii, Aleksei

Manikovskii, Aleksei Alekseevich


Born Mar. 13 (25), 1865; died January 1920. Russian general of artillery (1916).

Manikovskii graduated from the Mikhail Artillery School (1886) and the Mikhail Artillery Academy (1891). Between the summer of 1915 and February 1917 he was chief of the Main Artillery Directorate, and in September 1917 he became assistant in charge of supply to the minister of war. After the October Revolution of 1917 he entered the Red Army. In 1918-19 he was chief of the Main Artillery Directorate, chief of the Supply Directorate of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army, and a permanent member of the Artillery Committee. He died in a train crash. He was the author of Combat Supply of the Russian Army in War (parts 1-3, 1920-23; 3rd ed., 1937), which contained a great deal of factual material.